TDI Sidemount Diver


TDI Sidemount Diver

TDI Sidemount is a technically focused course teaching the use of two primary side mounted cylinders. For the recreational diver this means redundant gas for increased safety, longer dives with increased gas quantity and greater streamlining. For technical divers side mount allows for diving in areas with limited access to twins and is ideal for divers interested in expanding their diving to overhead environments such as caves or wrecks.

Who is this course for?

  • The SDI or TDI diver looking to expand their in-water skills and techniques

  • The certified diver who has interest in moving forward with their technical diving education and expanding their equipment options

Course Prerequisites

  • Minimum age 18

  • Minimum certification of Open Water or Equivalent

What you can expect to learn

  • Gas Management using independent cylinders

  • Equipment considerations

  • Problem solving in side mount configuration

  • S/drills specific to side mount diving

Examples of skills

  • Propulsion techniques

  • Gas sharing

  • Gas management

  • Dropping and retrieving cylinders

What's in it for you

Upon successful completion of the course, graduates may engage in side mount diving to their certification level


2 days: 3 dives, 1 pool session

Certification requirements

  • Satisfactorily complete the TDI Sidemount course and written examination

  • Complete all open water requirements safely and efficiently

  • Demonstrate mature, sound judgement concerning dive planning and execution