TDI Decompression Procedures Diver


TDI Decompression Procedures Diver

Are you finding your no- decompression limits (NDLs) a limiting factor to dives? Do you have to ascend sooner than you would like? As sport divers, planned decompression is not something that we do or have been taught. The TDI Decompression Procedures Course prepares you for planned staged decompression diving. With a maximum operating depth of 45 metres/150 feet, this course is your first step beyond the normal sport diving limits.

The TDI Decompression Procedures course is often taught in combination with the TDI Advanced Nitrox course over 5 days including 6 dives

Who this course is for

  • The certified Advanced Diver looking to expand their knowledge of decompression theory and diving techniques

  • The certified Advanced Diver who is interested in extending their bottom time

  • The certified Advanced Diver who is interested in moving forward with technical diving

Course prerequisites

  • Minimum age 18

  • Minimum certification of Advanced Adventure Diver, Advanced Diver, or equivalent

  • Proof of 25 logged open water dives

What you can expect to learn

  • Decompression dive planning including:

  • Decompression gas choices

  • Tables vs. personal dive computers

  • Emergency and contingency planning (equipment failure, omitted decompression, etc.)

  • Decompression diving procedures

  • Equipment selection

  • Pre-dive checks and drills

  • Stress analysis and mitigation

  • Following a decompression schedule

  • Gas switching

  • Team awareness and communication

  • SMB/lift bag deployment

  • Proper trim, buoyancy and fining techniques

  • Emergency procedures (equipment failures, catastrophic gas loss, omitted decompression, navigational errors, etc.)

  • Equipment considerations, cylinder labeling, analyzing nitrox mixtures, and gas blending procedures

What’s in it for you?

  • Ability to conduct decompression diving activities without direct supervision provided the diving activities approximate those of training, environment and activities.

  • Ability to enroll in TDI Extended Range, TDI Advanced Wreck, TDI Trimix courses


2-3 days, 4 dives

TDI Decompression Diver certification requirements

  • Satisfactorily complete the TDI Decompression Procedures course written examination

  • Complete all open water requirements safely and efficiently

  • Demonstrate mature, sound judgment concerning dive planning and execution